Land vs. Sea race event

Challenge your self with the first and best Land vs. sea race in Denmark.
It can be used as a great way of team building, or just as a fun day.

It is fun, motivating and challenging.


In Land vs. Sea race, it is important to utilize the participants’ individual strengths. Using a distributed Ipad with GPS, the participants shall compete in teams to complete the race first. In the GPS route is inlaid issues and obstacles that must be solved along the way.

Land vs. sea race


One part of the team sent out on the route by car and along the way the group have to solve the challenges which are placed on the route, through the GPS.
In order to get access to the challenges, the group must enter the selected GPS zones.

Land vs. sea race


The remaining part of the team will start on the second half of the route in a ripboat. This part of the team will also have to solve the challenges which are placed through the GPS by finding the designated GPS zones. When both of the team’s is halfway through the journey, they need to swap transportation.

Land vs. sea race

Customizing challenges

The challenges in the race can be adapted directly to your wishes. Both in terms of difficulty and topics. This means that everyone can participate and makes it an ideal business event.

The route can also be organized according to your wishes, needs and desired length. So the topic of the race can be whatever you want it to be. Whether you want the participantsto answer questions about your company or industry, or it should be an entertaining football quiz – everything can be tailored.

After completing the race the wining team will be rewarded!


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