Helicopter Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen

The ultimate sightseeing experience, with VIP Copenhagen.

Soar above the beautiful city of Copenhagen in your own private helicopter! Our private tours will surely satisfy your flying desires while you view all of the most breathtaking places that the city of Copenhagen has to offer. 

We offer a wide range of exclusive helicopter tours over Copenhagen and Denmark.
Let’s us create the helicopter tour of your dreams, tailored to your exact wishes, or choose one of our custom sightseeing tours, to get a helicopter tour of our recommendations.

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Grand tour of Copenhagen

See all of Copenhagen from the air. If you wish to see Copenhagen from a different perspective, than the usual sightseeing tour, our helicopter sightseeing are exactly what you are looking for. On this Copenhagen tour you will see all of Copenhagens beautiful highlights from the air.

Total time in the air: 30 min.

We can also do longer sightseeing tours – 45 minutes or 1 hour flights they can also include picnic lunches or be a wine and dine flight.

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Helicopter Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen
Helicopter Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen


15 minutes in air from 3.275 DKK pr. group up to 3 people (440 euro)
20 minutes in air from 4.000 DKK pr. group up to 3 people (540 euro)
30 minutes in air from 5.200 DKK pr. group up to 3 people (700 euro)
45 minutes in air from 6.900 DKK pr. group up to 3 people (930 euro)
60 minutes in air from 8.650 DKK pr. group up to 3 people (1160 euro)

What to see? – Here is some examples of what you can see during your flights.

15 minutes: You can see all of the center of Copenhagen City and choose between Frederiksberg, Ørestaden/Amager or Dyrehaven.

20 minutes: You will be able to see Copenhagen City Centre, Amager and choose between Frederiksberg and Ørestaden/Amager.

30 minutes: The same as the 20 minute trip and Dyrehaven, or choose a trip to Helsingør and Kronborg.

45 minutes: You will be able to see Copenhagen City Centre, Frederiksberg, Amager, Dyrehaven, Helsingør and Kronborg.

60 minutes: That gives you time to see the same sights as the 45 minute trip and Havreholm Castle, Fredensborg Castle, Esrum lake and Gribskov.

All trips will start from our helipad in Nordhavn, Copenhagen.

All of the above trips are subject to cancellations if the weather is not suited for flying or
mechanical errors.

The number of minutes bought is in-air time.

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Helicopter Sightseeing tours in CopenhagenHelicopter Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen

Grand tour of Denmark

Our grand tour of Denmark is a full day tour where you will experience all of Denmark from above.

Start Roskilde Airport
Zealand across Røsnæs Fyr, Samsoe Bælt, Samsoe
Landing at Ilse Made Hotel på Samsoe – Nice coffee break at samsoe
Time in the air until Ilse Made Hotel på Samsø; approx. 40min.

Start Ilse Made Hotel on Samsoe
Århus, Randers, Ålborg
Landing in Ålborg Airport (Helicopter fuel break)
Time in the ait until Ålborg airport; approx. 55min.
Start Ålborg airport
Landing at Ruths Hotel in Skagen – Lunch and tour of Skagen

Start Ruths Hotel i Skagen
Hirtshals, Løkken, Limfjorden, Silkeborg
Landing in Billund airport (Helicopter fuel break)

Start Billund airport
Lillebæltsbroen, the South fyn islands, and Langeland, Storebæltsbroen
Landing in Roskilde airport

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Denmark and smaller islands tour

If you wish to see the best Denmark have to offer, then our beautiful sightseeing tour over Denmark and the amazing small islands. We promise a sight that you will never forget, and an amazing experience.

Start Roskilde airport
Køge Bugt, Stevns Klint, Fakse Bugt, Møns Klint, Storstrømmen, Smålandsfarvandet (Askø, Femø, Fejø)

Landing on Vejrø – Lovely coffee break at the terrace, and maybe a tour of the island

Start Vejrø
Langeland, De sydfynske øer,
Landing Falsled Kro – Lunch at Falsled kro

Storebæltsbroen, København, Strandvejen, Bakken, Roskilde Fjord,
Landing Roskilde Airport