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At VIP Copenhagen, we offer a wide range of helicopter tours, no matter if you need a fast transportation solutions, wants to experience Copenhagen from the air, or wish to arrive at an event in a luxurious helicopter – we have what you need.

Private Helicopter Sightseeing Tours or Charter in Copenhagen and Denmark, makes sense to your bottom line because it allows for the productive outlay of your one non-renewable commodity: TIME If you can often only attend one out-of-town attraction visit or meeting with normal ground transportation – with your private helicopter you may fit in two or three distant locations, attractions or meetings in the same day in all parts of Denmark. In close co-operation with one of the country’s leading helicopter operators, we are proud to offer the most luxurious and flexible helicopter service currently available in Denmark.

Six good reasons for Private Helicopter Sightseeing & Charter in Denmark

1. Private Helicopter Charter is highly flexible.
2. It is hassle-free, convenient and private.
3. Transportation by helicopter with us means flying in luxury.
4. Helicopter flying is a safe, fast and efficient method of transportation.
5. Private Helicopter Charter can be made even more affordable by arranging flights for multiple passengers – from one up to five in our largest helicopters – you greatly reduce the per-person costs.
6. Private Helicopter Charter is confidential. You approve every passenger on your private helicopter.
Our Luxury Helicopters in Denmark, are amazing machines and actually intended for so much more than A to B transportation.

We offer a wide range of different helicopter sightseeing trips in Denmark and Copenhagen.
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Our helicopter partner operates primarily in Denmark, but are available for assignments throughout Scandinavia and Europe. Please be aware that certain safety and security related conditions are applicable to all flights and will be addressed upon your booking inquiry. The posted prices on the following samples of our unique flight program are for your inspiration and guidance only – the actual cost for a specific route or event will depend on factors including but not limited to specific client request, safety/security assessment regarding the nature of the assignment and availability of desired helicopter.

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